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About Museum

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1185 is the timeline and history which shows the success not only of an individual but also the Nation and Leaders who supported and inspired such growth. This was all possible because of the Support of the United Arab Emirates has for its people. This Museum is an inspiration to present and future generations of what they may accomplish within the UAE due to the support of UAE’s leaders and government.

Our Vision

Inspire people to achieve continuous success in professional life, Education, Health, and lifestyle. Promote a culture of strength, discipline and devotion to duty and faith.

Our Mission

Sharing knowledge that is informative, inspirational, motivational, and educative for youth and others through lessons learnt.


The underlying value for this brand is the link between the personal journey and the human legacy to denote the inspirational and motivational aspect of history. Moreover, it highlights the roll of storytelling in interpreting human motives into a tangible reality, despite the diversity of people, cultures, and races.


Personal Collections “Museums” are incredible cultural assets, with the power to open minds and educate. They have the ability to show an individual’s gains on a personal and relatable level. We display collectibles that are thought provoking, educational & inspirational. When considering the placement we think about the cohesive stories each item tells and what we can learn from it.

Future Focus

Museum 1185 will be a unique destination for educational, learning programs which are bespoke and personalized based on various visitor profiles.

Using technology to our advantage we plan to digitalize the collection through Augmented reality, Mobile Museum, Virtual reality, Hologram and documentaries.

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